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Inside the 'Fabbrica del Vapore'
Proposals for the reevaluation of an industrial site.

The International Workshop 2003
Milan, Palazzo della Trienale, april 26 - may 10, 2003


The subject of the first IP-workshop, in 2003 in Milan, was a former tram factory, the "Fabbrica del Vapore". When the company "Carminati Tosselli" moved to Milan in 1899, the factory site was at the periphery of the city. Today, the same site can be considered as comparatively central: in walking distance to the city centre, to the Castello Sforzesco and to the Central Station. Milanīs very busy China-Town is just across the street. Therefore, working "Inside the Fabbrica" also meant working "inside the urban fabric", with many of the problems, as well as opportunities specific to this kind of location. In Milan, these are primarily the contrasts of political interests, followed with much interest by the public, and the great importance of the site for the further development of its immediate urban context. This stretches from the milanese China-Town to the new site for the Politecnico di Milano at Bovisa.
The workshop task has been developing ideas for "La Fabbrica delle Arti e della Cultura, Milano" - New laboratories for artistic and cultural uses for "La Fabbrica del Vapore".

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