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Out at the seaside
Proposals for the reevaluation of the 'Consorcio Nacional Almadrabero Sancti Petri'

The International Workshop 2004
Sevilla, Escuela Technica Superior de Arquitectura, April 2004


The subject of the IP-workshop 2004, the peninsula of Sancti Petri, is located on the Atlantic coast, the Costa del Luz, out at the seaside, between the open sea and the vast bay of Cadiz. Two thousand years ago, the Phoenicians and later the Romans have left their traces. The way to Cadiz led through here, as well as the principal entrance from the sea to the bay, which made it a point of highest military interest, not only at the time when Christopher Columbus gathered his armada here. Sancti Petri was also a strategic location for catching tuna fish, since the fish pass through there on their way to the Mediterranean each spring. This developed into industrial dimensions, with its peak times in the firts half of the 20th Century. Soon, however, when in the 1960īs not only the cathing but also the processing of the tuna was done onboard the ships, the once busy site of Sancti Petri fell into disuse. The peninsula became a military zone in the 1970īs, until the fishermen were allowed to return in 1983. They took over some of the buildings to house their boats and equipment, leaving pther parts of the former industrial complex fall into ruin.
Nevertheless, it still is a place of strong identity, a most suggestive place out at the seaside. But Sancti Petri is not a listed landmark, it is not protected. What can be its future? The workshop task has been developing ideas for a new faculty for naval architecture or marine biology in Sancti Petri, out at the seaside.

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